Hosted & Cloud Services, Handled By the Pros

If you’ve been dealing with the costs, risks and frustrations of having your business hosting your own servers, we’ve got good news for you. Connecticut-based Eppy Tech offers secure IT hosting services that can be quickly implemented without any disruption to your business, while providing you with better performance, expert IT hosting support, and guaranteed system security.

Benefits of Eppy Tech’s business hosting and cloud solutions include:

  • Simplicity - You’ll have all the benefits – but none of the issues – of having a data center in-house. No worrying about storage space, the cost of setup, licensing, support, etc. 
  • Enterprise-grade infrastructure offers features such as automatic data backup, and high-level performance, and 24/7 accessibility at prices your small company can afford
  • Maximum up-time Built-in redundancy in multiple locations withstands service outages and keeps you up and running.
  • Server support –24/7 supervision of all physical devices, network and data center as well as remote access.
  • Secure data storage using the latest encryption technology, and multiple redundant storage sites which provide safety for your critical business data from loss and theft due to hackers, unauthorized access and natural disasters. 
  • Scalability - Increase or decrease your company’s capabilities (and storage capacity) whenever you want without having to make capital investments in new equipment. 
  • Service and Support - 24/7 cloud computing management pros monitor your systems and provide assistance when you need it to ensure total business continuity. 

To plan and implement this kind of solution in-house is way too labor-intensive – not to mention the costly hardware– for many Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs).  And it doesn’t end there – with ever-changing technology, as well as hardware and software upgrades, you always have to plan ahead.  Instead, those energies could be used to find new prospects, grow sales and explore new sources of profit.

We offer secure, dependable, high-performance hosting and cloud services at low monthly rates, giving you the time and freedom to concentrate on your business objectives instead of your IT infrastructure.

Contact Eppy Tech now and we’ll show you how proper business hosting can have a huge impact on your business.


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